FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a document Repository?

It is a tool that allows you to store, preserve and disseminate the information and knowledge generated by the university community product of teaching and research.

Who can enter documents in GAIA Antarctic Digital Repository?

Professors and researchers from Universidad de Magallanes trained and accredited by Repository Administrator. Each collaborating institutions will do it through the library staff properly identified and/or designated previous notice to Repository Manager.

Who can view, browse or download documents in GAIA Antarctic Digital Repository?

Gaia Antarctic Digital Repository is an open access archive; therefore, anyone connected to the Internet can visit and use this service. The authors specify the restrictions with regard to access to digital documents contained in it at the time of depositing its documents or authorize the staff of libraries that upload them.

What benefits I have when I deposit and publish my documents and/or thesis in GAIA Antarctic Digital Repository?

On one hand it allows you to store your documents securely avoiding its loss due to potential damage or obsolescence of physical storage devices; spread and disseminate your academic work, both nationally and internationally, using tools the development of new technologies gives us. Moreover, makes possible an efficient indexing through metadata and therefore greater visibility and recovery, increasing the dissemination of publications and/or thesis and the possibility that they can be read and cited by other authors.

What type of documents and formats I can deposit?

GAIA Antarctic Digital Repository accepts documents product of an academic activity or research on topics referred exclusively to the Antarctic continent (articles, books, book chapters, thesis, images, etc.). Formats include: sound, text and/or audiovisual.

Do I keep my intellectual property rights when depositing my documents in GAIA Antarctic Digital Repository?

Deposited documents preserved the rights of its authors, therefore quotes the document is mandatory.

What property rights acquire Gaia Antarctic Digital Repository on deposited documents?

The only rights that owns Gaia Antarctic Digital Repository on deposited documents are making copies for backup or migrating the collections to another format, if necessary.

What should I do to upload my documents to Gaia Antarctic Digital Repository?

If you are a Professor or Researcher from Universidad de Magallanes and you wish to upload documents you should contact Repository Administrator at Bibliotheca Central Umag. (Email: gaia.repositorio@umag.cl)

In the event that I detect an error in the registration of the data in a document, what should I do?

You need to contact the Repository Administrator: gaia.repositorio@umag.cl. This is to ensure that the changes, if necessary, are carried out with appropriate controls and checks. The following changes can be made at the level of documents and metadata.

  • Replace deposited documents (files), usually when you need to replace them with a new revised version.
  • Modify metadata, in case of detected errors in the description of the material data (author, title, Publisher, year of publication, keywords, misspellings, etc.)

Does this service cost me?

This service is free of charge. Email: gaia.repositorio@umag.cl